It's the age of active participation in medical record keeping.

Family Medical Records

Keeping accurate, up-to-date family medical records at home gives you more control over your family's healthcare. Medical record keeping can improve the quality of your healthcare and reduce the cost of some healthcare expenses. The more information you provide your healthcare providers, the more you can be sure you'll receive rapid, effective and safe treatment in emergencies and routine visits. Be proactive. Create home medical records for every member of your family. Medical record information and medical records management are the new realities of today's health care. Record Tree® will guide you through the process.

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Family Medical Records – Doctor - Record Tree® Medical Record Keeping


Home medical records

When you visit your doctor or a hospital emergency room, home medical record print outs from Record Tree® help the doctor provide more efficient, accurate, and appropriate care. If you are visiting a new doctor, perhaps after a family move, medical record information may minimize unnecessary and costly tests. During pre-surgical evaluations, home medical records provide doctors with additional details that can help them operate successfully.

Record Tree Wallet Card

Family Medical Records – Wallet Card – Record Tree® Medical Record Keeping

Record Tree® automatically generates a wallet-sized Emergency Alert card. Print one for up to six family members to carry at all times. This is the kind of information that, if accessible, can save lives.

Family Medical Records - Medical Alert - Record Tree® Medical Record Keeping

Print the Medical Alert Summary and post it in a high visibility location to help home caregivers and emergency responders.

Family Medical Records - Family Physician Form - Record Tree® Medical Record Keeping

Record name, address and phone number of primary care physicians and specialists for every family member.

With so many doctors, hospitals and family members there's

no way to keep track of it all without Record Tree®.

Record Tree® organizes you to retrieve key information from the source having the most up to date data. Print in-depth medical reports when someone in your family…

  • fills out more medical forms
  • visits a new doctor or a specialist
  • goes to the emergency room or urgent care facility
  • has lab work or tests
  • is preparing for surgery

Home Medical Records

Keeping medical records takes on a heightened urgency when a family member is suddenly incapacitated or when elders or children, are unable to provide information for themselves. Record Tree® fills the gap with emergency contact information for next-of-kin and other caregivers.