Missing retirement records may mean lost dreams

Retirement Records

It's a good idea to start organizing retirement records now so nothing goes missing later. Record Tree® guides you to documents scattered around, helps you organize them in a single software system and keeps track of where everything is. Social Security, veteran's pensions and retirement plans may all ask you for original copies of some documents. Don't try to chase them later. Get ready now with the help of Record Tree® and start collecting your pension benefits on time. And remember, your spouse or estate must also know where your records are so assets and benefits can transfer without delay. Record Tree® allows you to authorize trusted family members or a legal representative to access your retirement and pension records if you can't.

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Retirement Records – Lost Dreams - Record Tree® Retirement Records Software

A lot of retirement papers

It's never too early to start getting your retirement papers and documents ready. Have you recorded the details and whereabouts of pension records, deferred compensation plans (401K), veteran's benefits, savings accounts, checking accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), bonds, stocks and mutual funds, individual retirement accounts (IRA's), your safety deposit box, life insurance, living benefits, homeowner's insurance, health/disability insurance, auto insurance, deeds & titles, personal debts, birth/death/marriage certificates, proof of citizenship, military service papers, tax records and funeral arrangements? It's a lot. If you're not organized, you could lose or delay some benefits you are owed. Let Record Tree® help you get ready.

Retirement Records – Getting Ready – Record Tree® Retirement Records SoftwareSome of your retirement records may exist only on web sites where you filled out application forms or profiles. You know how easy it is to forget or misplace web addresses. Record Tree® gives you storage for retirement related web addresses, user ids and passwords. Record Tree® itself is password protected, so you are always in control of who has access to your retirement records.

Retirement Records – Pension Records – Record Tree® Retirement Records Software

Record Tree® has 12 essential pre-defined fields to cover 401-K, IRA and retirement documents for a limitless number of private and government pension plans. 

Retirement Records – Pension Sources and Administrators – Record Tree® Retirement Records Software

Identify your pension sources and plan administrators in Record Tree® Make free-form notes to provide extra details, identify document locations and web addresses.

Protect the life you spent a lifetime building.

Manage your retirement records in Record Tree®.

Record Tree® software stores your information on your own computer, external drive or new USB wallet card. No connection to the internet is required.  Record Tree® is protected with advanced encryption technology to safeguard the security of your retirement records and documents.