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Personal Financial Record

Could your spouse or heirs easily find the personal financial records they'd need to settle your estate or manage your affairs? Sometimes families suffer tragic financial losses because they don't know where all their assets are. Record Tree® keeps track of personal assets for you. It's not enough, however, for just you to know. Your family, caregivers and estate must also know about your financial record keeping process. Your hard-earned wealth can languish in limbo if no one knows where it is. With Record Tree®, you can create authorized access to your personal financial record. Let someone close to you know where your assets are and how to retrieve them. Nothing will ever get lost or forgotten.


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Personal Financial Record - Stock Certificates – Record Tree® Financial Record Keeping

Financial Record Keeping

Where are your assets? Is your financial record keeping system a jumble of unorganized documents and papers scattered around your house… at your attorney's office… in a safe deposit box or fire safe? How's anyone to know? Who besides you can access personal financial records? Did you know, for example:

  • One quarter of all life insurance benefits go unclaimed
  • The SEC estimates 3 million stockholders are entitled to unclaimed stock worth $10 billion
  • Government agencies are holding $60 billion in unclaimed property and missing money
  • $500 million in Social Security benefit checks go unclaimed every year
  • Less than 1% of U.S. Savings Bond holders are successfully notified when the bonds reach maturity

Guard against your assets going missing with Record Tree® financial record keeping software.

Personal Financial Record – Couple – Record Tree® Financial Record Keeping

Record Tree® remembers where everything is so you don't have to

You've heard it before, "out of sight, out of mind". It's especially true when it comes to financial assets. You don't always see or think about certificates, polices, securities, notes and other physical assets. But, they are there. Somewhere. Create a personal financial record in Record Tree® and keep all your information in one place. You'll always know where your money is.

Personal Financial Record – Locations – Record Tree® Financial Record Keeping

Record the location of financial assets in Record Tree® and never lose track of your money.

Personal Financial Record – Financial Record Keeping Software - Record Tree®

Create and control authorized access to important documents in case of sudden illness or incapacitation.

It could be the difference between Money Lost and

Money Found

Make a personal financial plan and keep the details all together in Record Tree®.  Nothing will ever get forgotten.